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Our system has detected that you may be trying to access our platform services which are not available in your country due to regulatory reasons. We apologize for the incovenience.

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    1. Player Registration and Opening of Accounts

    2. Financial Issues & Payments

    3. Software


    1. Warranties and Representations

    2. Loss or Damage

    3. Limitation of Liability before a Court of Law



    1. Complaints

    2. Prohibition for Employees

    3. Intellectual Property

    4. Type of Relationship

    5. Breach of T&Cs

    6. Legal Compliance

    7. Law & Forum

    8. Problem Gambling

    9. Severability

    10. Headings

    11. Waiver


These Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) constitute and govern the contractual relationship between the parties; Olimp Ltd. . (a company duly registered under the laws of Malta on the 11 January 2012 bearing registration number C 54987, and having its registered address at 35, Mannarino Road, Birkirkara, BKR 9080, Malta, and licensed in Malta to provide gaming services under Licence No. MGA/B2C/274/2014, issued by the Malta Gaming Authority) hereinafter referred to as “Olimp Ltd.”; and you, as the user, hereinafter referred to as "You" or "Player"

These T&Cs are composed of the following main sections:




  1. The following words and terms, should be interpreted as follows, unless, the context clearly implies otherwise.

    1. Arbitrage betting” – shall refer to any Bet that excludes the possibility that the User may lose. This includes Bets which take advantage of any error in the Betting Line and/or Odds offered by Olimp Ltd. that occur during any process in which Odds are changed.

    2. Account” shall mean a personal account opened by the User and maintained by Olimp Ltd. as to allow the User to play the Games.

    3. Application Form” shall mean the form to be filled in by an individual to open a User Account.

    4. Bet(s)” shall refer to the amount of money or stake paid by the User to Olimp Ltd. and which is a principal requirement for the placing of Wagers in accordance with these Rules.

    5. Betting Line” shall refer to a list of events, including the Odds offered by Olimp Ltd., and which is the principal requirement of the placing of Wagers in accordance with these Rules.

    6. Bonus” shall refer to particular promotions that may be in force from time to time, each regulated by its own Bonus Terms and Conditions that will be present on the Internet Site.

    7. Cancellation” shall refer to cases where a Bet is either cancelled or where the agreement between the User and Olimp Ltd. is considered invalid. In these instances a full refund is paid.

    8. Chargeback” shall mean a demand by a payment card provider for a retailer to make good the loss on a fraudulent or disputed transaction.

    9. Company” and/or Olimp Ltd shall include Olimp Ltd.’s online gaming system, as well as all services and game offer activities related to it and listed on , including but not limited to online betting.

    10. Card” shall mean all types of payment cards with a source of funds.

    11. Event(s)” refers to external events, such as sports events, virtual sports events and soccer roulette matches, whose outcome is beyond the control of Olimp Ltd.

    12. Financial Institution” is a financial intermediary regulated by government.

    13. Game(s)” refers to any gaming activity presented by Olimp Ltd. on the Internet Site for the benefit of the Users and as approved by the Regulatory Authority.

    14. Governing Law” shall refer to the Laws of Malta.

    15. Internet Site” shall mean the website and all other websites connected to it and accessible through links or other access paths and the services available through such sites.

    16. Login and Password” shall mean the login and password details that are chosen by the User upon registering with Olimp Ltd.

    17. Odds” shall refer to the ratio expressing the probability of an event occurring to the probability of its not occurring offered by Olimp Ltd. on the various outcomes of an Event.

    18. Payment Solution Provider” is an online service for accepting electronic payments by a variety of payment methods including credit card, bank transfer and real-time bank transfer based on online banking.

    19. Player” or “User” shall mean the individual who has registered with Olimp Ltd. and in whose name an Account has been opened.

    20. Outcome(s)” shall mean the result(s) of the Event on which Olimp Ltd. accepted Bets.

    21. Regulatory Authority” is the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) (Building SCM 02-03, Level 4, SmartCity Malta, Ricasoli SCM1001, Malta,, which is the main regulator of remote gaming operations in Malta.

    22. Relatives” means spouse, partner, parents, children and/or siblings.

    23. Software” shall mean the software owned by Olimp Ltd. including all programs and databases and any other derived content whether or not requiring download, whether accessible or otherwise used by the User through the Internet Site and allowing the User to participate in the online Bets.

    24. T&Cs” shall mean these Terms and Conditions.

    25. Us” and “We” shall mean Olimp Ltd.

    26. Wager” is an agreement between the User and Olimp Ltd. under which each Player pledges a certain amount depending on the outcome of an unsettled matter. A Wager can only be offered by Olimp Ltd. to the User and not vice-versa.


  1. Use of the Internet Site, and the information, materials and links in it, is solely upon the T&Cs set out below, which constitute the entire agreement between the User and Olimp Ltd. for the use of the Internet Site and the Software.

  2. The rules herein are effective as of 19.06.2019. These T&Cs shall immediately become effective as from the date when the User registers his Account with Olimp Ltd. and clicks "I agree". These T&Cs shall be the official source of reference for any complication/dispute related to the use of the Internet Site, our service or Software. All Games played on the Internet Site are duly subject to the rules as specified in these T&Cs.

  3. Olimp Ltd. hereby reserves the right to suspend, add, end, amend and/or supplement these T&Cs from time to time as it may deem appropriate.

  4. In case of modification of these T&Cs, on logging into a Player Account, Olimp Ltd. is obliged to inform the Player that the T&Cs have been updated. The Player shall re-confirm his/her acceptance of the modified T&Cs prior to being able to gain full access to the Internet Site.

  5. Olimp Ltd. is under no obligation to verify if all the Players use the Internet Site and or the Software according to the updated rules of these T&Cs. The version posted on Olimp Ltd.’s Internet Site is the effective version, and that which Users should use as reference. It is the Player’s responsibility to inform himself regarding the T&Cs, as well as being familiarized with the modifications that affect or will affect the Player.

  6. These T&Cs are made available in different languages reflecting the same principles.

  7. The Internet Site shall not be used by minors and any such use shall be reported to the police.

  8. The Internet Site may only be used for lawful purposes. Use of the Internet Site for transmission, distribution, publication or storage of any material on or via the Internet Site which is in violation of any applicable law or regulation or any third party's rights is strictly prohibited. This includes (without limitation) the use of the Internet Site or the transmission, distribution, publication or storage of any material on or via the Internet Site in a matter or for a purpose which infringes copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights, is obscene or harmful to minors or constitutes an illegal act or harassment, is libelous or defamatory, violates any privacy or data protection laws, is fraudulent or breaches any exchange control or gambling law. It is solely for Player to establish whether Player’s registration with Olimp Ltd. and use of the Internet Site is lawful.

  9. In the event of misuse and/or the abuse of the Internet Site, Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to close or block the User from the Internet Site and close any Account registered in the User’s name.

All betting services and games which appear on, as well as the gaming platform, are regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).


  1. Players residing in Germany are subject to a retroactive correction of odds on all winning bets amounting to 5% of the gross winnings. The winnings are therefore paid out net after the such deduction has been applied. Olimp Ltd covers all tax burden accrued through bets lost by Players.

    Example 1: Player places a 10 EUR bet at odds of 2.00 and loses. In this instance, Player is not subjected to any deduction.

    Example 2: Player places a 10 EUR bet at odds of 2.00 and wins. Player's gross return is 20 EUR (10 EUR stake + 10 EUR winnings). In this instance, Player's return is subjected to a 5% adjustment, which in this example is equal to 1 EUR (5% of 20 EUR). Player's net return is therefore 19 EUR.


    Players residing in Germany are hereby advised that placing bets with cumulative odds of less than 1.06 may result in a negative payout due to the conditions applied as described above.


Player Registration and Opening of Accounts


  1. The processing and opening of an Account is only granted to full-aged individuals of at least 18 years of age or the respective minimum age according to the corresponding national legislation.

  2. The processing and opening of an Account is prohibited for residents of the USA as well as residents of any other country wherein laws prohibit said accounts. It is the Player’s responsibility to know whether the processing and opening of an Account is allowed within their jurisdiction. Any funds deposited or any money won by persons in breach of any applicable regulation shall be forfeited to the Regulatory Authority.

  3. Users from the following countries are not allowed to register any longer at Olimp Ltd.: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vietnam, United States, including Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, United States Virgin Islands and American Samoa.

  4. Olimp Ltd. strictly prohibits Players from selling, transferring and/or acquiring Accounts to or from other Players.

  5. It is prohibited for Players to transfer funds amongst Accounts.

Law applicable to Players

  1. Player understands and accepts that Olimp Ltd. is unable to provide Players with any legal advice or assurances and that it is Player’s sole responsibility to ensure that at all times he/she complies with the laws that govern such Player and that he/she has the complete legal right to open an Account with Olimp Ltd. and to play the Games. Any participation in the Games is at Player’s sole option, discretion and risk. By playing the Games, Player acknowledges that he/she does not find the Games or services to be offensive, objectionable, unfair, or indecent in any way.

Player Registration

  1. Olimp Ltd. shall not permit a person to participate as a Player in a Game conducted by Olimp Ltd. unless that person is registered personally as a Player and holds an Account with Olimp Ltd.

  2. An individual must fill in the Application Form provided by Olimp Ltd. which shall at least include the following details in order to open an Account and become a Player:

    1. Name;

    2. Surname;

    3. Date of birth together with a confirmation that the individual is over 18 years of age;

    4. Residential address;

    5. Email address;

    6. Mobile phone number;

    7. Four-Digit Security Number of choice;

    8. Username of choice;

    9. Password of choice.

  3. The Four-Digit Security Number shall be used in the course of the relationship between Olimp Ltd. and the Player. Players seeking support through Olimp Ltd.’s customer services are required to provide this number when enquiring information relevant to the Account.

  4. It is the Players’ responsibility to ensure that their records with Olimp Ltd. are kept up to date, especially address, telephone number and payment/bank details. It is the Player’s responsibility to inform Olimp Ltd. immediately of any changes to the Player’s personal information.

  5. Olimp Ltd. assures Players that their personal data is processed fairly, lawfully and in accordance with good practise and is only collected for specific purposes which are known and accepted by the Player when such Player chooses to make use of the Olimp Ltd.’s Internet Site and Software. Click here to view our Privacy Policy

  6. Player confirms that all information contained in the Application Form submitted to Olimp Ltd. is true, accurate, and complete, and corresponds to the name(s) appearing on the credit cards used for the deposits and payments of gains. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right not to register or to cancel Player’s registration and User Account in the event that the information provided to Olimp Ltd. is found to be false, inaccurate, deceitful or incomplete.

  7. Players may not use the services offered by Olimp Ltd. in any way directly or indirectly associated with money laundering. As soon as the Player opens an Account with Olimp Ltd., he is agreeing to abide by all the rules and regulations relating to Anti-Money Laundering that are in place in Malta and throughout the EU. In brief, the Player binds himself not to use funds that are, in any way whatsoever, the proceeds of crime. If the Player does not respect these rules and regulations then Olimp Ltd. may suspend the Player’s Account pending any investigation.

  8. Olimp Ltd. has the right to take any measures and adopt any procedures to obtain and verify the identity of a Player. If such identification and verification is not obtained, or where Olimp Ltd. knows or suspects that the transaction may be related to money laundering or the funding of terrorism, Olimp Ltd. shall not proceed with such transaction and shall have the right to close such Player’s Account and shall have the right to disclose details of such transaction to the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit in Malta. Click here to view our AML Policy

  9. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to refuse registration on its Internet Site to any person or close an already opened Account of any person for any reason and without prior explanation. Olimp Ltd undertakes to honour the contractual commitments arisen prior to such Account closure.

Player’s Insolvency

  1. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to verify the financial solvency of any of the Players, through the information furnished during registration and through third parties. In the event that such a Player’s insolvency is verified, Olimp Ltd. shall have the right to terminate/close the Account and prohibit the Player from opening another Account with Olimp Ltd.

Opening of User Account

  1. To be able to play on Olimp Ltd.’s Internet Site, a User Account must be opened. The User will need to create the Login and Password details when filling in the Application Form in order to be able to access the Account. The Player is responsible for ensuring that said codes and/or passwords are kept secret.

  2. By opening an Account with Olimp Ltd., the Registered User implicitly gives his authorisation to the processing of any personal data in compliance with the privacy laws in force in Malta. The processing of personal data is exclusively managed for use of the services as offered by Olimp Ltd.

User Names

  1. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to deny or retract, for whatever reason deemed necessary, any or all Player screen names and/or user names, whether before, during and after these names have been issued or validated.

  2. In the event that the Player’s Account is otherwise in accordance to these T&Cs, Olimp Ltd. will give Player(s) the opportunity to create a new screen and/or user name.

Password Security

  1. Passwords may be changed by the Player at any time. Players are advised to choose a strong and non-predictable password for security (ex: six (6) characters and two (2) alphanumeric characters). It is advisable not to use obvious dictionary words (e.g. “password”), or consecutive numbers or letters or obvious personal information, for instance your children names. The password should not be the same as the username, name or email address and should not be reused when choosing a new password.

  2. It is the Users responsibility to ensure they keep their Username and Password and security details confidential. In the event that there is a concern that the secrecy of such details has been lost, Player should notify Olimp Ltd. immediately whereupon new details may be forwarded and any future transactions under the previous details would be considered void.

  3. Olimp Ltd. is in no way responsible for the eventual access to a User Account by a third person and shall not be held responsible for any eventual loss suffered due to the illicit use of a Player’s Login and Password by a third person, of unauthorized access, and/or for any transaction in which the Login and Password of a Player was registered correctly.

  4. Olimp Ltd. is in no way responsible if the Player forgets, misplaces, or loses his password, except as a result of an error on the part of Olimp Ltd. Olimp Ltd. shall not at any time during its relationship with the Player be responsible to store the Login and Password of the User.

Multiple Accounts

  1. Each Player is allowed to open only one Account in one’s own name. Use of more than one Account per physical Player is known as "multi-accounting" and as such is strictly forbidden. Olimp Ltd. retains the right to close a User Account at any time and to cancel all the transactions pertaining to any Player who has registered more than one Account in his own name or under different names, in the event that Olimp Ltd. has reason to suspect that the registration of multiple accounts has been undertaken with the intent of defrauding or cheating. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to block regular or tournament play and/or prize distribution should any evidence of multi-accounting arise.

Misuse of Accounts

  1. Funds deposited must be utilised for the placing of Bets and any suspicious activity on a User Account could lead Olimp Ltd. to report the Player to the Regulatory Authority and any other relevant authorities, freeze the funds and even close the Account.

  2. In the event of misuse and/or the abuse of the Internet Site and/or the Software, Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to close or block the Account of the Player in question until the matter between Olimp Ltd. and the Player is resolved.

Inactive Accounts

  1. If the Player does not access the Account by “logging in” using his Login and Password for any period of twelve consecutive calendar months, his Account shall be deemed “Inactive”. 

    If the Player does not access the Account by “logging in” using his Login and Password for any period of thirty consecutive calendar months, his Account shall be deemed “Dormant”.

    Olimp Ltd shall, no less than thirty (30) days before the player's account is due to become inactive, contact Player via email to inform such Player that his/her account is about to become inactive. If such account becomes 'inactive' and Olimp Ltd is unable to contact the Player after making reasonable attempts to do so, the account will be charged a monthly five Euro (€5) administrative fee. This fee will not be charged to an account which is deemed to be inactive following a self-exclusion request by the Player. Once the self-exclusion period lapses, the inactivity fees may be charged if the Player remains inactive after the lapse of the self-exclusion period

  2. No administrative charge shall be imposed when a Player seeks to re-activate his Account.

  3. In the case of dormant, closed, blocked and excluded Accounts, funds may be recovered by sending Olimp Ltd. an email to

  4. Notwithstanding the preceding clauses contained in this section, if no transaction has been recorded on a Player’s Account for 30 months, the balance on the Account shall be remitted to the Player, or if the Player cannot be satisfactorily located, to the Regulatory Authority. Provided that no claim shall lie against Olimp Ltd. after it has remitted the balance in a Player’s Account to the Regulatory Authority.

Closing of Accounts

  1. Any Player is entitled to close his Account and terminate this Agreement at any time by sending an email to Olimp Ltd. using these details: or contacting Customer Support via chat. If a customer sends an email, Olimp Ltd. will endeavour to respond within 24 hours, provided that the Player shall be responsible for activity on his Account until such closure has been affected by Olimp Ltd. Olimp Ltd. is entitled to terminate this Agreement immediately on notice (or attempted notice) given to the Player at the email address that has been provided to Olimp Ltd.

  2. In the event of cancellation of the Player’s Account, a Player shall be permitted to withdraw any balance exceeding withdrawal fees.

  3. Olimp Ltd. shall endeavour for payments to take place during five (5) working days following the Player’s request but does not hold itself liable for a specific period of time in this regard.


  1. All payments to and from the User Account must be paid in the currencies available on the Internet Site from time to time and all payments into the Account must be from a payment source on which Player is the named account holder.

  2. The currency chosen upon registration of the User Account cannot be changed.

  3. The Company accepts payments made in currencies other than Euro. Any payments received by the Company in a currency other than Euro shall be converted into Euro at the prevailing exchange rate determined by the Company. In this regard, the Company hereby reserves the right to charge any exchange premium.

List of Accounts

  1. Olimp Ltd. shall, at all times, keep a secure list of all registered Players and shall ensure the security of all User Accounts. Click here to view our Security Policy

Financial Issues & Payments

Deposits by Players

  1. Olimp Ltd. shall not accept cash from a Player and funds may be received from the Player only by any of the following methods:

    1. credit cards;

    2. debit cards;

    3. electronic transfer;

    4. wire transfer;

    5. e-wallets;

    6. pre-paid card.

  2. Any expenses related to the depositing or withdrawal of funds between the Player and Olimp Ltd. shall be paid by the Player. If any processing fees shall apply, the Player shall be notified accordingly prior to being subject to any deduction.

  3. Money deposited in the User Account shall be available for use in the User’s Account within twenty four (24) hours from receipt of money (or earlier where possible). The twenty four (24) hour time frame specifically excludes the time that the bank, or the payment solutions offered by Olimp Ltd. undertake to process the transfer.

  4. A maximum amount of €5000 (five thousand euros) and a minimum amount of €10 (ten euros) may be deposited to Olimp Ltd. per transaction. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to change these amounts.

  5. The Player certifies that the funds used by the User to play the Games through the use of the Internet Site are not from any illegal source. By playing on Olimp Ltd.’s Internet Site the Player is declaring that he shall in no way use the Internet Site or the Software with the purpose of transferring such funds from illegal sources. The Player will not use the Internet Site and/or the Software for any illicit or fraudulent activity, or for any unlawful or fraudulent transaction (including money laundering), in accordance to the laws of all the jurisdictions having authority over the Player. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to close or block the Account of the User, at any time, and until the matter has been resolved, if Olimp Ltd. has the slightest doubt as to the legality of the source of funds used by the User to bet on the Internet Site.


  1. Players should not treat Olimp Ltd. as a financial institution and shall not expect interest on their deposits.

  2. Notwithstanding the above, Olimp Ltd. declares and affirms that, should any interest be payable to the Account, it shall be credited only to that Account.

Withdrawal Requests

  1. The Player may at any time request a payout from the existing balance of his User Account in whole or in part provided that all payments have been confirmed and all amounts deposited. Any expense related to withdrawal requests shall be charged to the receiver.

  2. A maximum amount of €500,000 (five hundred thousand euros) and a minimum amount of €15 (fifteen euros) may be withdrawn with Olimp Ltd. per transaction. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to change set limits.

  3. A Player requesting the first withdrawal following registration may be required to verify his identity through the submission of a copy of an identification document. The withdrawal request may not be approved by Olimp Ltd. prior to receipt of a copy of this document from the Player.

  4. A deposit which takes the total cumulative value of deposits made by the User to above the €2’000 (two thousand Euros) threshold will trigger verification process and the User’s identity, age and place of residence will be verified. Any utility bill provided for verification purposes must not be more than three (3) months old.

  5. Olimp Ltd. shall endeavour to process withdrawal requests immediately. Olimp Ltd. maintains a target of forty-eight (48) hours following the Player’s request but does not hold itself liable for a specific period of time in this regard.

  6. Withdrawals from a User Account can only be addressed to the person registered on the User Account and as per the conditions specified on the Olimp Ltd.’s Internet Site. Payouts shall be made through the same route from which the funds originated with the exception of those cases where the payment solutions used by the Player do not offer redirection of payouts to the same route. In those cases where redirection of payouts to the same route is not possible, Olimp Ltd. shall not accede to a withdrawal request prior to ascertaining that the alternative route through which the withdrawal shall be effected pertains to the same person holding the Account.

  7. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to suspend a withdrawal request pending verification of Player’s identity, age and location.

  8. As part of efforts to prevent internet fraud, if funds are deposited and not used purposely before a withdrawal is requested, Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to require that a minimum of 20% of each amount(s) deposited by a Registered Player is Wagered on Bets with minimum Odds of 1.50 by such Registered Player, in order to be able to thereafter fully withdraw the amount present in the Account. Olimp Ltd. further reserves the right that a Registered Player may only be able to withdraw a maximum of 80% of each deposited amount, in addition to any winnings, until the 20% minimum Wager requirement has been satisfied.

  9. A Customer is only permitted to make deposits to his Account with his personal Card or via his personal account created with one of the Payment Providers or their licensees.

  10. A withdrawal request will only be processed from a Player’s Account to a Bank or Card account which pertains to the User or to a personal account created with one of the Payment Providers or their licensees.


  1. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to block a User’s account in the event that a Chargeback has been requested to the User’s account.

  2. If Olimp Ltd. incurs any Chargebacks or other charges in respect of User’s account, the User is liable for the fees payable.Any such charges or fees are deemed to be fair and as such shall no longer
    constitute part of the player’s funds.

  3. In the event that a Chargeback has been requested to a User’s account, Olimp Ltd. shall contact the User by email via the email address provided on the registration form, in relation to the request and to confirm the User's identity.


  1. Bonus Credits can be placed into a User Account as part of a marketing campaign. These Bonus Credits cannot be withdrawn or paid out but they must be used for participating in the Games.

  2. Bonuses are regulated by separate Bonus Terms and Conditions that may be applicable from time to time.


  1. Should funds be added to a Player’s Account in error, it is the User's responsibility to notify Olimp Ltd. of the error without delay. Any winnings subsequent to the error and prior to the notification of Olimp Ltd., provided they are linked to such error, shall be deemed void and returned to Olimp Ltd.

  2. Any Bet that is wrongly settled due to any reason(s) such as technical failure or the incorrect entry of a Outcome will be changed according to the correct Outcome of the Event, so determined in accordance with the rules set in the Terms and Conditions.

Changes to Account Balance by Third Parties

  1. Olimp Ltd. cannot be held liable for changes to a Player’s Account balance due to someone else participating in the Games using that Player’s Login and Password.

Credit/Debit Card

  1. Players may only use their own credit / debit card to effect payments into their Account. Any deposits made using another individual’s credit / debit card will be refunded and any Games played with funds from such card will be deemed void.

Financial Information/Documents

  1. Olimp Ltd. hereby ensures the security of all financial information of the Player and financial documents whether relating in/directly to the transactions effected between the Player and Olimp Ltd. or between Olimp Ltd. and the relevant authorities.

Proof of Payments

  1. The Player acknowledges that Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to request proof of payments connected to User Account for all alternative payments, at any moment, (such as Skrill, Neteller etc). Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to request the User’s bank account number at any time.

Financial Protection of Players

  1. By written notice to Olimp Ltd., a Player can request any of the following gaming control facilities to be applied to their User Account:

    • A Deposit Limit to restrict the amount of money that may be deposited within a specified period of time;

    • Self-Exclusion, which enables a Player to temporarily or permanently exclude himself from access to their Account.

  2. Any Player who has set a Deposit Limit or Self-Exclusion Period may change or revoke the limit or exclusion by written notice or electronic notice to Olimp Ltd.

  3. A notice increasing or revoking a Deposit Limit or decreasing or cancelling a Self-Exclusion Period has effect only after seven (7) days after Olimp Ltd. has received the notice.

  4. A notice reducing a Deposit Limit, or increasing a Self-exclusion Period has effect immediately after it is received by Olimp Ltd.

  5. Olimp Ltd. shall not accept Bets from a Player contrary to a limit or exclusion set by the Player under these T&Cs.

Bet Acceptance Rules

  1. All Bets are accepted only in accordance with the terms of these T&Cs and its components.

  2. All Bets are accepted in accordance with the Betting Line.

  3. A Bet is deemed as accepted only when registered in Olimp Ltd.’s server. If there is any doubt as to whether a desired Bet has been successfully accepted and is therefore valid, it is recommended to the Player to check the Player’s transaction history.

  4. Arbitrage Betting is strictly prohibited. If Olimp Ltd. has reason to believe that the User has placed any Bet(s) in violation of these Terms and Conditions, all Bets will be cancelled and a refund will be paid. Olimp Ltd., may take further action as foreseen in these Terms and Conditions and as is considered appropriate.

  5. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to refuse Bets from any person, for any reason and without prior explanation as well as the right to refuse registration on its website. In cases of apparent violation of any rule(s) by the Player or any other wrongdoing, Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to close an existing Account and a refund on any existing Bets will be paid.

  6. The minimum Stake accepted for Bets placed shall be as follows:

For Sportsbook:


Minimum Stake

Swedish krona (SEK)


Euro (EUR)


Norwegian krone (NOK)


For Casino:

The minimum and maximum Stake for Casino games are subject to the limits of each specific Casino game.

  1. Any Bet placed cannot be changed or Cancelled by the customer under any circumstances. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to Cancel any Bet which is placed online, in violation of any of the rules stated in the Terms and Conditions.

  2. The maximum total Odds of any Multi Bet is 1000.00.

  3. The maximum sum accepted on any particular Bet depends on the type of sport and/or Event and/or Game and is individually set according to the type of Bet.

  4. Bet limits may be changed without prior notification.

  5. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to limit the maximum and minimum amounts accepted on any Event, to restrict the acceptance of repeated Bets on the same outcome from the same User, as well as to introduce or remove any restrictions for any User without prior notification or explanation.

  6. Repeated Bets on similar outcomes, such as Team A to win the event, to score the first goal, to win the first half, to win with a handicap, may be refused.

Gaming Rules

  1. The rules of the games may be found here: Rules of the Games

Odds Amendments

  1. Bets are accepted if in accordance with the Betting Line and if in accordance with the Odds offered by Olimp Ltd. to the Player.

  2. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to amend the Odds related to any Game before the start of the Game. However, the terms of all Bets that have been placed prior to such changes remain unaffected. The responsibility of checking the Odds on offer at the time a Bet is placed rests with the Player.

Game Cancellation

  1. For further details please refer to the Game Cancelation Policy

Outcomes of Games

  1. Once Games have finished, their Outcome cannot be changed nor cancelled. Olimp Ltd. retains the right to accept, not to accept or to partially accept Outcome of the Games.


  1. The maximum payment for any successful Bet, regardless of the amount placed on the Bet or the Odds offered by Olimp Ltd. is €500,000.

  1. The maximum amount accepted for Bets or with regards to payments in other currencies are determined by the exchange rate in its relation to Euro (EUR), established by Olimp Ltd. on the day the Bet is placed.

  2. The settlement of a confirmed Bet may only be made following the completion of the final Event included in it, regardless of the Outcomes of previously completed Events listed on the betting receipt.

  3. Winnings will only be remitted by Olimp Ltd. to the name and address of the bearer of the Account as it exists in Olimp Ltd.’s records. Winnings will be credited to the User Account following confirmation of the final Outcome.

  4. The printout of a Game that has been played is not considered to be a receipt of the winnings. A Game shall be considered as having been won if it is listed on the Player’s Betting History on the Olimp Ltd.’s Game server(s).

  5. In the event that a Player wins an amount equal to € 500,000 Euro/a prize by playing on the Internet Site, the Player agrees to give the Olimp Ltd. the exclusive permanent and irrevocable right and authorization to use the Player’s name, photograph, and portrait in all media as part of the Olimp Ltd.’s marketing and promotional needs, and for its Internet Site(s), on a worldwide level, and to be fully cooperative with Olimp Ltd.’s representatives including support staff.

  6. The Player agrees that Olimp Ltd. may feature winners on its Internet Site by including the Player’s first name and the amount won.

Cash Out

  1. Cash Out allows to take a return early if the Bet is winning, or to minimize a potential loss if the Bet is losing - all before the Event has finished. Olimp Ltd. can suggest to the Player a real-time value of placed Bets, so he can press the ‘Cash Out’ button to get paid his Bet at a point of his own choice.

  2. Cash Out is available for selected markets and Events. Olimp Ltd. cannot guarantee that the Cash Out feature will be available on Player’s Bet selection.

  3. Cash Out requests are subject to a time delay. If Odds change or a market suspends, the Cash Out request may not be successful.

  4. If a Cash Out request is successful, the Bet is settled and the Cash Out amount is credited to Player’s Account immediately. The actual final Outcome of the related market will have no bearing on the Cash Out amount.

  5. Any Bets that are settled using Cash Out will not count towards the turnover requirement of any Bonus or promotion.

  6. Olimp Ltd. takes no responsibility for the Cash Out feature being unavailable for any reason and all Bets will be settled in accordance with the actual Outcome during any such period.

  7. Olimp Ltd. reserves the rights to accept or reject any Bet requested for any market or Event that is included in the Cash Out feature.

  8. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to amend, suspend or remove the Cash Out feature at any time, for any Event and for any reason. Any Bets placed will stand as originally placed.

  9. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to reverse the settlement of a Cash Out and/or cancel the Bet, if the Bet or a market is settled in error.

Conflict in Outcomes

  1. In case of conflict between the Outcome posted on the Internet Site and the Outcome exposed in Olimp Ltd. server, the Outcome posted in Olimp Ltd. server shall take precedence. The Player understands and agrees that Olimp Ltd. and the Company’s records shall be the final authority in determining the terms of his participation in the Games, the activity resulting from there and the circumstances in which they occurred. Hence, Player understands and accepts that the settlement of any conflict between the User and Olimp Ltd. will be determined based on the records kept by Olimp Ltd.

  2. Game malfunction

    Should there be a malfunction in any game before an outcome has been decided then the following courses of action shall apply: i) Where the malfunction occurs while the player is participating in a casino game, the result will be decided on the server and any stakes deductions or winnings will be applied to the player’s account in accordance with the result; ii) Where the malfunction occurs when the player has wagered upon a sports betting event, then the stakes will be refunded to the player.

Fraudulent Activity

  1. Olimp Ltd. has a zero tolerance policy towards inappropriate play and fraudulent activity. If, in Olimp Ltd.’s sole determination, the Player is found to have cheated or attempted to defraud Olimp Ltd. or any other User of any of the Games in any way including, but not limited to, game manipulation, collusion or payment fraud, or if Olimp Ltd. suspects the Player of fraudulent payment, including use of stolen credit cards, or any other fraudulent activity (including any Chargeback or other reversal of a payment) or prohibited transaction (including money laundering), Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to suspend and/or close the User Account and to share this information (together with the Player’s identity) to other online gaming websites, banks, credit card companies, and appropriate agencies. Olimp Ltd. does not allow any automated programs that enable artificial intelligence to play at the site. Only physical persons are allowed to open an Account and play on the Internet Site, and the use of such “bot” software programs is strictly forbidden.

  2. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to take legal action relating to any cases of fraud related to either online financial transactions and/or the placing of Bets and/or cases of the use and/or abuse of a bug, bot or any other form of artificial intelligence from a Player.

Competitions and Promotions

  1. Parts of the Internet Site may from time to time contain promotions, tournaments or similar and related activities offered by Olimp Ltd. or by third parties. Any specific additional Terms and Conditions for participation in any such promotions, tournaments or similar and related activities will be specified on the relevant part of the Internet Site from time to time. By entering or participating in the relevant promotions, tournaments or similar and related activities, a Player agrees to be bound by those Terms and Conditions and its components and in the event of any conflict or inconsistency, the Terms and Conditions will prevail. Olimp Ltd. specifically retains the rights, at any time and without notice, to remove, alter or add to promotions, tournaments or similar and related activities on the Internet Site without liability to the Player.

Abuse of Promotions

  1. The Player binds himself not to abuse the ability of opening an Account in order to benefit from Bonus Credits and other promotional offers that Olimp Ltd. may offer. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right, in case of abusive behaviour on the Player’s part as related to Bonus Credits and/or to promotional offers by Olimp Ltd., in its sole discretion, to rescind or block User Account created to that end, as well as their transactions.


End-User License

  1. By playing on the Olimp Ltd.’s Internet Site Player is being granted a personal non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use the Software, according to these T&Cs and including the clauses in this section.

  2. The Player shall not commit any act or adopt any kind of behaviour that could damage Olimp Ltd.’s reputation, and the Player acknowledges that the use of the Internet Site, the Games and/or the Software is at his sole discretion and risk.

Software Interruption

  1. In the event of any kind of Software interruption due to any type of problem, Olimp Ltd. reserves the exclusive right of requesting a screenshot.

  2. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to suspend the services and the operation of the Internet Site for any reason including failure of the Internet Site due to viruses or bugs or other malfunction, installation of updates to the Internet Site and maintenance. Provided that Olimp Ltd. is not responsible to provide an emergency network, system, or similar emergency services.


Warranties and Representations

  1. It is hereby being specified that Olimp Ltd. makes no representation, pledge or warranty (either explicit or implicit, including but not limited to warranties for accuracy, fitness of purposes or non-infringement) that the content of these T&Cs is accurate and/or suitable for any particular purpose other than in so far as those warranties which cannot be expressly excluded under the Governing Law of these T&Cs.

  2. Use of this Internet Site is entirely at the User’s risk. The Internet Site, its content and the system therein are provided on an ‘as is’ basis without warranties, assurances, engagements, or any declaration, explicit or implied, legal or other. Olimp Ltd. hereby excludes all terms, conditions, and warranties explicit or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties, commercial conditions, and/or matters of satisfactory quality, ability and adaptability to a specific end, completion or precision of services and of the Internet Site in respect to the failure to respect governing rules and laws.

  3. Olimp Ltd. does not guarantee that:

    1. the services or the Internet Site are authorized

    2. that the operation will fully satisfy the User

    3. that it is entirely secure and exempt from error

    4. that it is updated regularly

    5. that any software defect is regularly corrected

    6. that it is uninterrupted

    7. that the services or the Internet Site are virus or bug free

    8. that they are continually operational

    9. that they are adequate

    10. that the material is reliable

    11. that all other information obtained by way of the service

    12. that all Outcomes are adequate and reliable

  4. The Internet Site may contain links and references to third party websites/adverts/content. These are provided for the convenience and interest of the User and on the part of Olimp Ltd. this implies neither responsibility for, nor approval of, information contained in these websites adverts/content. Olimp Ltd. gives no warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, availability or content of information, text or graphics which are not under its domain. Olimp Ltd. has not tested any software located on other websites and does not make any representation as to the quality, safety, reliability or suitability of such software.

Loss or Damage

  1. Olimp Ltd. is in no way responsible for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, that the Player or a third party might have suffered as a result of the Player’s use or the third party’s use of the Internet Site, including but not limited to damages caused by a commercial loss, a loss of benefits, a loss on anticipated profit, interruption of business, loss of commercial information, or any other pecuniary and or consecutive loss.

  2. Without limitation to the generality of the preceding clause, no responsibility is being acknowledged or accepted hereunder for, inter alia, the following matters:

    1. mistake(s), misprint(s), misinterpretation(s), mishearing(s), misreading(s), mistranslation(s), spelling mistake(s), fault(s) in reading, transaction error(s), technical hazard(s), registration error(s), manifest error(s), Force(s) Majeure and/or any other similar mistake(s)/error(s);

    2. violation of the Olimp Ltd.’s rules;

    3. criminal actions;

    4. advice, in whichever form this is provided, provided by Olimp Ltd.;

    5. financial risk and loss, including, but not limited to variances in exchange rates; and/or

    6. legal actions and/or other remedies;

    7. loss or damage that the Player or a third party might have suffered as a result of Player’s use or their use of the Internet Site, its content or that of any link suggested by Olimp Ltd.;

    8. loss or damage that the Player or a third party might have suffered as a result of any modification, suspension or interruption of the Internet Site;

    9. loss or damage, including but not limited to a loss of profit, as a result of improper functioning of the Internet Site, any delay, interruption, transmission, loss or corruption of data, improper functioning of the means of communication. In the event that the malfunction of the Internet Site results in profit, whether it be collected or credited to a User Account, Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to claim all gains that the Player may have benefited from as a result of one of those malfunctions, and the Player would be obliged to immediately reimburse Olimp Ltd. the amount collected and to inform Olimp Ltd. of the malfunction. Olimp Ltd. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, of directly deducting from the Player Account an amount equal to that which the Player may have received in error.

    10. criminal use of the Internet Site or of its content by any person, of a defect, or omission or of any other factor beyond our control;

    11. any use made of the Internet Site due to someone else accessing the private areas (principally the Chat and the Player’s Account) requiring Login and Password using a User’s nickname, or Login and Password details;

    12. in case of discrepancies in the systems or in the means of communication, due to viruses or bugs as it relates to the Account regulations or all other parameters that make up the Internet Site, any damage, costs, expenses, losses, or claims brought about by said discrepancies;

    13. any act or omission by an internet provider or of any other third party with whom the Player may have contracted in order to have access to Olimp Ltd.’s service and or Internet Site. In case of litigation between the internet provider and the Player, Olimp Ltd. cannot be a party to the suit, and such suit shall in no way affect the Player’s obligations under these T&Cs; and

    14. any claim arising as a result of damages incurred by the Player due to the content of any material posted by another Player on the Olimp Ltd.’s Internet Site.

Limitation of Liability before a Court of Law

  1. In the event that Olimp Ltd. is found liable in any way, by a Court of Law and/or a similar authority, with legal competence and/or jurisdiction over Olimp Ltd., then Olimp Ltd.'s liability is limited to the amount of the net winnings, relating to the particular Player in that calendar year. Alternatively, when relevant and applicable, the amount recorded in the Olimp Ltd.’s Account or the amount transferred into or out of the Olimp Ltd. Account, whichever is the lesser.


  1. These T&Cs are effective immediately after clicking on « I agree » and remains valid until it is cancelled in accordance to the conditions stated herein.

  2. The Player can cancel these T&Cs at any time in writing to, under the condition that the Player has no outstanding amounts with Olimp Ltd., for any reason. The cancellation of these T&Cs becomes effective only after the Player has received a notification in writing from Olimp Ltd. confirming the cancellation. From the moment when these T&Cs become invalid, the Player will no longer be authorized to use the service and to play the Games, and the Player is under the obligation to destroy all documentation, related to the service or to the Software, under the Player’s possession, in the Player’s power or under the Player’s control.

  3. Immediately following the cancellation of these T&Cs, by either party, Olimp Ltd. is bound to reimburse the integral amount indicated in the Player’s Account, only after the deduction of any amount owed to Olimp Ltd., if any.

  4. The cancellation of these T&Cs shall not be cause of prejudice to any other right or engagement of either party in regards to any violation stated herein or any other violation.

  5. All existing obligations between the parties to these T&Cs will be null and void after the cancellation of these T&Cs, and for whatever reason, except if provided otherwise, under the reserved rights and obligations accepted prior to the cancellation.



  1. Players may address queries and complaints via the email or telephone functions set up for this purpose. The email address for complaints is and the telephone number is +27 (0)21 020 1266. 

    The procedure for queries and complaints proceeds as follows:

    At the Query Stage, Olimp Ltd’s staff will investigate the query raised by the player and respond to it
    as quickly as an informed response can be given. Where the player is unhappy with Olimp Ltd’s response to the query raised at the Query Stage, the player will be entitled to raise a formal complaint.

  2. Where a player has made a complaint, Olimp Ltd will begin investigating it immediately.
    In usual circumstances, Olimp Ltd will respond to the player with the outcome of this investigation
    within 10 days.
    In some instances, it may not be possible conclude the investigation within 10 days. When this
    happens, Olimp Ltd will write to the player to inform them that an extra 10-day period will be
    required to conclude the investigation because the nature of the enquiry has necessitated it. Where
    this extra time is required, Olimp Ltd will write to the player to inform them of this within the initial
    10-day investigation period. Reasons will be given as to why the extra period is required.
    These timeframes are contingent on the player co-operating with any requests for information that
    Olimp Ltd might make in order to facilitate the investigation.
    Where Olimp Ltd has responded to the player regarding the outcome of an investigation, we will
    forward details of an Alternative Dispute Resolution (hereafter ‘ADR’) entity to whom the player
    might advance his complaint if he is unhappy with the result of Olimp Ltd’s investigation into the
    The ADR’s services are free of charge to customers who wish to use them.
    Olimp Ltd’s chosen ADR is Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS), who are headquartered
    at PO Box 62639, London, England, EC3P 3AS. Players who wish to raise a dispute can learn how to do so at the following link on IBAS’ website:

    The outcome of the ADR entity’s investigation into the dispute will be binding on both Olimp Ltd and
    the customer making the complaint.
    Note that players will always have the right to bring their complaint before any competent court,
    regardless of the status of any ADR investigation.
    Players who wish to can still make a complaint to the Malta Gaming Authority via online form on its
    Player Support Function at Please note
    that this is not the same as raising a dispute, which takes place when a complaint has not been
    resolved to the player’s satisfaction. Disputes must always be referred to an ADR entity.

    Players should also be aware that it is possible to raise disputes with the European Commission’s
    Online Dispute Resolution service. This should be done only when Olimp Ltd’s complaints procedure
    has been exhausted and the player remains unsatisfied. The process can be entered into here:

    If you choose to enter into the ADR process via the EC’s ODR platform, Olimp Ltd will engage as
    required via the platform to agree on an ADR entity to look into the dispute.

  3. Objection or complaints concerning the operation of Games have to be presented before the beginning of the Event on which Bets are being placed.

  4. The User is hereby acknowledging and accepting that any complaint or contest made by the User more than 30 days after the date of finalisation of the transaction which is the subject of the complaint in question will not be taken into consideration, and shall have no value.

  5. Olimp Ltd. will not consider any claims or disputes on Games to be valid unless the said Games are directly registered in the Olimp Ltd. database files or records.

  6. Should the Player not be satisfied with the resolution of complaints by Olimp Ltd., a further complaint may be addressed to the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) (Building SCM 02-03, Level 4, SmartCity Malta, Ricasoli SCM1001, Malta, or email

  7. Olimp Ltd. is in no way responsible for the investigation or the initiation of a complaint made by a User against another User for any reason, including but not limited to, the conditions in these T&Cs. Olimp Ltd. in its sole discretion can decide to act against any person suspected of illicit actions or of wanting to violate the conditions of these T&Cs.

Prohibition for Employees

  1. No employees, executives, managers, directors, consultants, or agents in our branches or affiliated companies, or any of its providers or sellers, can participate in any Games during their term of employment and/or engagement. Olimp Ltd. employees, or anyone else having access to inside information are not allowed to use the services of the Internet Site. This is to prevent any potential abuse of inside information. To this end no officers, directors, employees, consultants or any other persons conducting business or engaged with Olimp Ltd. shall be allowed to open an Account with Olimp Ltd. during their term of engagement. Proof of such attempts shall result in steps being taken by Olimp Ltd. that shall have repercussions upon the contract existing between the employee or other officer and Olimp Ltd.

  2. No Relatives of employees, executives, managers, directors, consultants, or agents in our branches or affiliated companies, or any of our providers or sellers, are allowed to play on the Internet Site or are authorised to use the Software directly or indirectly. Nevertheless, this shall not apply where Relatives are expressly allowed to play on the Olimp Ltd. Internet Site by means of written authorisation by Olimp Ltd.

  3. If clauses 144 and 145 are breached, Olimp Ltd. reserves the right to close the said Account immediately and to cancel payment on any gain. This shall take place without any prejudice to the rights that Olimp Ltd. has against the breaching person in terms of the employment or any other contract between the parties.

Intellectual Property

  1. The Internet Site is intended solely for personal and non-commercial use by Players. In any event, no one is authorised to copy, modify, tamper with, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, transfer, upload, download or otherwise alter the content of our Internet Site.

  2. Any unauthorised downloading or copying of any material contained in the Internet Site as well as the design of the Internet Site itself may be considered as a violation of applicable intellectual property rights within the European Union.

Type of Relationship

  1. hese T&Cs are not intended to create any partnership, agency or joint venture between Olimp Ltd. and the Player.

Breach of T&Cs

  1. In accepting the terms of these T&Cs, the Player is bound to integrally indemnify Olimp Ltd., to defend and to exonerate Olimp Ltd., on demand of any complaint, responsibility, damage, loss, cost or expense, including, but not limited to, all legal or other fees that we shall bear as a result of breach of these T&Cs, a violation of Olimp Ltd.’s laws, rules and or rights or of those of a third party, to any use of the service and/or Software with the Player’s Login and Password, whether it be with the Player’s knowledge or without it, as well as any acceptance of profit on the Player’s part.

  2. Without prejudice to the generality of the preceding clause should a claim be brought against Olimp Ltd. as a result of actions performed by the Player or content or information posted by the Player on the forum and / or community, the Player will indemnify and hold Olimp Ltd. harmless from and against all damages, losses and expenses of any kind related to such claim.

  3. If the Player fails to adhere to any of the conditions of these T&Cs or if Olimp Ltd. reasonably suspects that the Player is failing to comply with any of the conditions of these T&Cs, Olimp Ltd. reserves the right, and all remedies at its disposition, and at its sole discretion, to block the Player’s Account and will have the right of bring suit against the Player at its sole discretion.

Legal Compliance

  1. Players are advised to comply with applicable legislation in the jurisdiction in which they are domiciled and/or resident. Olimp Ltd. accepts no responsibility for any action taken by any authority against any Player.

Law & Forum

  1. These T&Cs shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Governing Law without giving effect to conflicts of law principles. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the country of Malta for the settlement of any disputes arising out of concerning these T&Cs. These T&Cs will not be governed by the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, the application of which is expressly excluded.

  2. Any dispute arising from or in relation to these T&Cs shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Malta.

Problem Gambling

  1. Olimp Ltd. is committed to endorsing Responsible Gaming among its Users as well as promoting the awareness of problem gambling and improving prevention, intervention and treatment.

  2. Olimp Ltd.’s Responsible Gaming Policy sets out its commitment to minimizing the negative effects of problem gambling and to promoting responsible gambling practices. Responsible Gaming Policy


  1. If any provision contained in these T&Cs shall be held by any Court of Law or other competent authority to be void or unenforceable in whole or in part, these T&Cs shall continue to be valid as to the other provisions thereof and the remainder of the affected provision.


  1. Headings are intended for clarity and to facilitate reading of these T&Cs. They are not intended as a means of interpretation for the content of the paragraph that follows each heading. Headings are not intended to bind Olimp Ltd. in any manner whatsoever.


  1. Any waiver by Olimp Ltd. of any breach by any User of any provision of these T&Cs shall not be considered as a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision of these T&Cs.

Contact Information


Olimp Ltd. can be contacted by sending an email to

This Agreement is considered signed and approved Olimp Ltd And The User

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